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rebelde: Customers testimonials and feedback

My watch N13/75 has arrived in the last few minutes & I am taking a quick work break to write to you.

I am very impressed, I originally bought one to support the efforts of anyone wanting to build a watch in Australia & also as a long term subscriber to your service.

Before receiving the watch I was somewhat concerned by the 44mm size.

One glance has dispelled my fear, the watch is just simply stunning, the dial is simple & elegant & the watch wears smaller than 44mm. The mixture of Roman & Arabic numbers are eye catching. The bezel & crown on the pilots design also add to the allure of the watch.

The Rebelde will definitely be receiving lots of wrist time.

Congratulations on producing such a high class product, especially in OZ

Kind regards, S.W. NSW

My rebelde arrived yesterday and I opened it first thing this morning.

My first impressions are very positive. It is a beautifully made, beautifully presented and beautiful looking wrist watch. I am wearing it as I type this short note to you and cannot stop looking at it. It looks fantastic. I was a little worried that it would be very large given the published dimensions and the fact that it is larger than the watch I usually wear, however it looks wonderful on my wrist.

I particularly like its understated elegance; clean lines, precise design, uncluttered appearance.

As someone who has followed and been following in this project from the very start, it is very exciting to be wearing the watch so soon after Nick initially floated the idea. I am a great admirer of Nick's skill, passion, vision and willingness to take risks. The idea that someone would actually try to manufacture "an Australian quality watch" excited me and I have been delighted to be a small part of that journey from the original concept, through the regular reports on the trials of designing, then sourcing parts, to finally assembling and testing the rebelde.

I look forward to many years of proudly wearing my rebelde and love the idea that this unique piece of Australian horological history will be worn in time by my son and grandson.

Please pass on my congratulations to Nicholas Hacko, Watchmaker, Sydney. My thanks for being allowed to be part of the journey.

Regards, G.R. VIC

Just wanted to say thank you the Rebelde N29/75 is a wonderful watch. I'm not use to leather bands and the bands provided with the watch are big, none the less I am extremely pleased with the watch. I hope you are rightly pleased with what you've achieved here, it's no small feat to produce a product of such high quality in an all but disposable world.
I haven't had a lot of money to spend on watches over the last few years, but the Rebelde is a keeper and will enjoy plenty of wrist time like my old trusty Omega Speedmaster.
Cheers, P.B. NSW

The pick up note from Australia Post was in my post box yesterday morning, No.36 had arrived. The question was would I take it to the New Farm Deli next door, have my usual coffee and open the package there, or should I scuttle home to the privacy of the office. My need for caffeine won out coupled with the excitement about my new timepiece.

Vince the Deli owner and good friend was waiting for me and demanded to know why I was so excited, I showed him the pack. "What is it? " he asked, "The proof that Australians can do anything if they put their heart and soul in it". I explained.

As I opened the box, people gathered around admiring the watch. "What a beautiful timepiece!", this from a waiter who in inner city Brisbane sees Rolex, Omega and Breitling every day on customers' wrists. As we examined the new Rebelde, people asked about the concept and why you had decided to produce a watch. The process involved became the topic of conversation for half an hour as it was passed from hand to hand not having yet made it to my wrist. People looked at the website on iPads to find out more as I showed them emailed pictures. As I rose to leave a woman took me by the arm and said, "Where's this watch everybody's talking about?" I showed her No.36 and she couldn't put it down turning it over and over and inspecting every side, "Beautiful, I love the dial".

At home it was my turn to spend a little time with No.36 and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. You have produced a genuinely attractive and well balanced watch. It is comfortable, sits well on the wrist and is exquisitely finished. I have in my small collection a couple of Jaeger LeCoultre, IWC and a Chronoswiss Quarter Repeater and No.36 fits in perfectly. In fact objectively it is probably a better finished timepiece that some I've seen in the Swiss $4000 - $6000 range. I love it and am very pleased to own it and I'm sure the pleasure will grow with time.

Being a collector and enthusiast I canít begin to imagine the work and dedication to craft involved in producing a watch like this from scratch. I can only say well done and thank you, No.36 was certainly worth the wait. A.M. QLD

Dear Nicholas, It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that rebelde N67 has landed. I can think of no birthday, Christmas or other special event that I have anticipated so keenly as the arrival of this special timepiece. As wonderful as all the other Rolex's and Omega's have been over the years, there is something very special about this watch. He (and yes this watch is decidedly masculine), is the brain child of someone we all admire and respect very much - not just because you are the source of some of our most prized possessions, but because of your passion and especially as you have stood up to the might of the Swiss watch industry and given voice to all our frustrations. We have cheered as this battle gave birth to the rebelde project and followed with baited breath the successes and setbacks along the way. Without any question, the result is an outstanding success!

Anticipation grew as I opened the outer box, proudly etched with your name, to reveal a nicely proportioned leather-look box within which lay a watch of true substance and presence. I think that the reason that this watch is so appealing visually is because it references so many styling cues of some of my all time favourite watches. I remember lusting after the IWC Pilots 1936 Re-edition that you had for sale for some time, and the bezel of the rebelde is similar. The crown honours the immortal IWC Big Pilot and it compliments the bezel most pleasingly. A few days ago I had a thought about how you were handling the "4" on the dial using Roman numbering. Invariably the "IV" is shown as "IIII". I guess I had not noticed to that point that the dial has combination of Roman and Arabic numbers and it works extremely well. The dial, so reminiscent of some of the greatest Panerai models, is timeless and just perfect. The colour of the hands and numbers are just right as white would not have look nearly as good. I just love the display back and could quite happily watch the movement all day long.

The quality and finish of the case is superb! I love the 1mm or so of flat surface surrounding the bezel as it pleasingly reflects the light providing a nice contrast. The polished surfaces are balanced with the brushed stainless steel of the case sides.

The black strap serves to highlight the pleasing aesthetics of the case itself while conveying the masculinity, durability and solidity of the watch as a whole. A spare strap is a very nice and appreciate touch.

Holding this watch, I quickly notice, is a very tactile experience. It invites you to caress the leather, run your finger around the bezel, and grasp the crown. The crown begs you to wind it and to be rewarded with the little clicks. The crown can be pulled out with confidence and adjustments to the time made accurately and with no fuss.

I really feel that I have no choice other than to wear this watch as my daily timepiece as it just has such a personality that you want to have an ongoing, daily relationship with it. This surprised me as I had expected to add it to my hidden collection of safe queens. My Omega Seamaster Professional Chrono has met it's match and will be quietly retired from active duty.

Without doubt, I will be putting my name down for an example of every model you produce from now on!

My heartfelt thanks to you and your team, D.A. SA

The rebelde finally arrived this morning.It's just fabulous - the simplicity and ruggedness but precision engineering are exactly what I like in a watch. Congratulations on a very fine product. D.R. SA

I received my Rebelde last week. I couldn't be happier. I could send you a long email about all the great qualities of the watch and how much I appreciate all the work that went into producing a world class product here in Australia, but the last review by D A N67/75 pretty much sums up my feelings.

To demonstrate how impressed I am with my Rebelede "N" Pilots watch, could put me on your list to purchase Rebelde "I"(Control Tower) if still available. Kind Regards, A.M. SA

I have received my beautiful rebelde. I love it. It has exceeded my expectations. It is without doubt the best watch I have ever had. It looks great - keeps great time - feels good on my wrist and looks built to withstand the atom bomb! The presentation in terms of the two straps and beautiful box just exude quality and attention to detail. I am not what you might term a serious collector - in that I don't have a massive collection of valuable $30k watches or even a massive collection of cheap watches. But I have always like and owned more watches than some people would deem sensible. Some would also deem the pieces I have to be less than worthy - no Omegas or Rolex. I do know what I like - and I do my research before buying anything - I prefer to buy than to be sold anything. So having an informed opinion is essential for me to make a purchasing decision. I have learnt so much from the newsletters and blog Nick puts out - real useful information exposing the watch industry - well the Swiss part of it at least - to be filled with a certain amount of 'smoke and mirrors' and blatant marketing ploys and protectionism. Some of it harder to take than others but all of it passed on in a factual manner allowing us lesser mortals to draw our own opinion / conclusions on it all.

I have always been a believer that generally you get what you pay for - sadly that doesn't appear to always be the case with watch brands. Rebelde being an obvious exception to that. With Rebelde and Nick you get what it says on the box! Funds permitting / with enough prior notice I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Rebelde in the future.

I am waiting ( as I expect all of the Premium subscribers are! ) to see what rebellious move Nick makes next - I am getting the vibe there's going to be an in house movement in the pipeline at some stage - an we've already had a sneak preview of some titanium prototyping. I love the fact that Nick is backing himself and I am glad to have in my very small part been able to support him and his revolution! If the geography wasn't at my disadvantage I would certainly have attended one or more of the presentation / watch talk nights. The only suggestion I would respectfully make for future manufacture would be to make the Rebelde name Nick's name and the red star logo more prominent on the face of the watches. Viva Rebelde! Viva Nick Hacko! Viva me because I have a Rebelde! L.A. WA

The rebelde arrived yesterday. First impressions are excellent, packaging and box exceeded my expectations, loved the touch of the second watch strap. Immediately took of my submariner and am now wearing N65!!

The wife tried it on, loved it, which is saying something as she is no great fan of my watch obsession. My 15 year old son wants it over all the other watches I have.

Love the dial combination of arabic and roman numerals. Its coming to perisher this week for a trip to 2000m altitude, not quite pilots altitude but the nearest I can get at short notice.

Anyway thanks to you and congratulations to Nick he should be immensely proud of himself. Put me down for the next iteration of the Rebelde. M.H. NSW

Up front Nicholas I should declare that I have no intention of sparing you the embarrassment of further congratulations...they are truly deserved and you should be justifiably proud (as I suspect you are!) of the rebelde. An undertaking such as the rebelde inevitably involves, reputational, emotional. To have pursued it and succeeded so comprehensively speaks volumes of not only your courage but your deep understanding of your market. Enough of that, now to the watch itself.

I send you the attached photo which I (respectfully!) caption "punching above its weight" purely because in the context of the photo, to me, that is exactly what the rebelde is doing. Each of the other watches in the photo cost significantly more than the rebelde, but in no way is that manifestly obvious from the physical presentation of the watch. It presents beautifully. Or, as my wife put it, it is "gorgeous". I have no doubt that should you ever be talked into a "ladies" version of the rebelde you would have another runaway success on your hands.

The watch itself exudes quality, and the strap is first fact it is strikingly similar to the excellent Bas and Lokes strap I had made for my Pan 088 a while ago? I don't believe I need (nor am I necessarily qualified) to comment on the quality of the movement as I think you more than adequately dealt with that in your recent email. Suffice to say, I am confident the rebelde will also hold its own as a timekeeper in the company of the others in the photo. As I type this I am wearing the rebelde and I am very pleasantly surprised (I'm not quite sure why) at how comfortable it is on the wrist "out of the box". Perhaps I say this because it has not necessarily been the case with some of my other watches of similar dimensions. I buy watches Nicholas to wear and enjoy them, and I am looking forward immensely to doing so with my rebelde. Many thanks. Best regards K.D. VIC

Watch arrived safely on Monday 30th. I was like a kid with a Christmas present unwrapping it!! . The very professional outer box and inner display/presentation box provided a subtle hint of what was within. And what an unveiling! - the "knurled" bezel and crown just look amazing and is what attracted me to the watch in the initial designs. The leather strap and buckle add a further stamp of solidity - this watch means business!. The watch has an impressive presence on the wrist without being over the top in size.

I work in a professional B2B sales environment and wear a suit to work every day. It's presence revealing itself under a jacket sleeve has had colleagues and clients comment on the watch in the four days I have been wearing it and I am proud to tell them it is designed and assembled in Oz! Quite simply, the rebelde has exceeded my expectations - it looks stunning and is simply amazing value for the purchase price with its Swiss heritage movement, extra leather strap and professional presentation box.

Perhaps the only further comment I could offer, is that a small card could be provided in the box detailing the watch name. size etc, movement details and adjusted to xx seconds and signed by Nick himself. Best Regards from a proud Rebelde wearer! T.B. WA

I've finally taken delivery of my Rebelde and just wanted to drop you a quick email to advise of its receipt. I was marginally disappointed that it wasn't ready for when I left Australia in April but had a contingency plan which worked out just fine for its delivery to the UK. Disappointed not only because I just wanted it sooner rather than later, but primarily as I wouldn't be able to relish the full buying experience to the fullest by having it with you in person and shake your hand with gratitude, praise and admiration.

The anticipation of the arrival has been nothing short of that felt as a child waiting for Christmas day. Along with a few moments of doubt wondering if indeed this watch would fill the place of my only leather strapped watch alongside my collection of Rolex sports watches.

So would this Hacko special fill those boots. Well, having put the watch straight on my wrist, discarding the Seadweller 16600, it felt right at home. So much so, it took a further 4 hours until I was asked the time for me to realise I had not yet set the time!! Even my better half commented how lovely it was and she wasnt a fan of leather strap watches.

So yes, I feel your creation is every bit as good as I expected... better in fact as I have no interest at all in passing on this timepiece to anyone other than my youngest boy who has also taken an early interest in wrist watches. For me, a timely reminder of all that I enjoyed of my 8yrs in Sydney. A couple of family photos attached! S.T. Sheffield, UK.

I arrived at work this morning with coffee in hand just as the mailman knocked on the front door. ITíS HERE. Compared to most of your clientele I think Iím a novice. This is only my second watch. But what a watch. I am getting ahead of myself though.

Iíve been following your blog and enjoying your emails for about five years I think. Three years back I purchased a lovely Omega Seamaster GMT from you and it has been my constant companion. When you first mentioned that you wanted to bring the Rebelde to life I thought to myself Yep Iím in. Anyone who offers their craft and skills like this needs to be supported and what an opportunity to own a piece of dare I say it ďtimeless historyĒ.

A few of the people saw me walking around hugging this parcel with a big grin asking what it was. Everyone was very excited when I explained what it was. I did however keep the revile to myself. Off to a quite place with no one else around.

Carefully cut the package open to revile the beautiful box. Turn the box out and open the lid only to find the exquisite leather case enclosed. Grinning like a kid at Christmas I opened the lid. WOW, WOW , WOW. The photos do not do it justice. Looking at this watch and holding it my hand was joyous. I carefully set the time and placed it back in the case and like a new parent allowed others in my office to experience what I just had. Open the box, find the case, discover the watch. Everyone was amazed and even envious. Lots of people are now looking at the website. Then came the moment to put it on. Having only the Omega to compare it to this watch is so different. The weight and leather strap make it feel weightless. It feels as if it is a part of me, barely noticeable and this makes it all the more special when I catch a glimpse of it. The styling and dial are wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your craft with us. I will cherish this. S.B. ACT

Thanks to the team. Correspondence relating to the impending delivery of my Rebelde has been great. The only minor downside being that I was advised that you had run out of stock of the second strap, noting that I am happy that this will be attended to later on in any event.

I must admit, in part thanks to the regular Nick Hacko newsletters, I was looking forward to receipt of this watch like no other before it. I am an avid, if somewhat low endish collector, who has travelled I believe a well worn path; that of buying cheapy but interesting watches. Originally I was spending anything from as low as $60 up to around $1000 - that was until I saw the light and realised that cheap will always be cheap.

So I started to up the ante a little (firstly selling off some 50 or so of my cheaper watches, still with another 20 or so I hope to sell) in purchasing a beautiful Ebel 911 BTR while on a trip to Orlando, Florida, I tried my luck with a Ritmo Mundo, an italian Brera, and even a so-called collectors limited edition Armani (that actually cost quite a lot). I then moved on with the purchase of three Longines including a truly overpriced heavily diamond studded ladies watch, 3 x Frederique Constant (a brand I believe is underrated, it just doesn't have the snob value , then came a pair of Glycine, likewise two Mido, a nice Maurice Lacrois, and one of your favourites (tongue in cheek), a Davosa.

My pride and joy though is a very new and for me very expensive IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph.

Then along comes Rebelde. As stated, with high anticipation I opened the lovely leather box to reveal a plastic protected watch which was somewhat overwhelmed by the size of its band - a band that now after just two days I have to say is absolutely brilliant. Initially I felt it was a little too chunky, however already it is starting to meld to my wrist and it is a joy.

The watch itself; well, it is simplicity itself, a timeless elegance that will hold this watch in good stead for many years to come.

But you know what? It's not that the Rebelde is the best thing since sliced bread, it's not the most elegant, the most complicated, the most embellished watch around (and nor should it be for the price), rather it is how a 'bottom dwelling watchmaker from Australia' (or at least this it seems is how the major Swiss watch brands are thinking about the watchmaking/servicing industry) has created an incredibly tasteful piece that is much more than the sum of its parts. I love the simplicity, the legibility, the magnificent see-through case-back and of course the afore mentioned strap.

But what really topped it off for me, as ridiculous as this sounds, is how when I received the watch after its approximate 40-50 hour trip via Australia Post, it was showing the right time and was wound. This indicates to me the passion of Rebelde. A few quick winds just to be sure I would get through the day and I 34 hasn't left my sight.

Congratulations go to you Nick, someone with the gumption to do it themselves. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future. G.B. VIC

I wanted to write to you after receiving my Rebelde* I 41/75.

Congratulations on this fabulous project. I love the watch and I think you have done a brilliant job conceiving this project and bringing it to fruition. Well done!

I think the design and feel of the watch is a great success. The choice of the California Dial was an inspired one. I've always wanted a watch with that dial and now I have one; an Australian one to boot. I also should say that I have enjoyed following the development of the project on line.

Congratulations. R.T. VIC

The rebelde arrived yesterday afternoon. I'm extremely impressed with the look and feel.

I was worried it would be a bit big for my wrist as my other watches are 38mm but it actually seems to fit better than them!

I've had three people demand a closer look at it already this morning so it is definitely an attention grabber.

Nick well done on creating such a unique and beautiful watch, I doubt I'll be coming across another person with one up here in the Territory!

Thanks again. B.O. WA

Delighted to report rebelde* I 59 / 75 arrived yesterday in excellent time

First impressions; From the weight of the package I knew something significant was ticking inside! Beautifully boxed and packaged. Highly finished case with exquisite crown of suitable proportion. Deep sapphire & mineral crystals fore & aft. Bold Californian dial with equatorial division of roman & arabic numerals. Classy cigar-smoke luminescent hands & hour markers on flat black. Subtle splash of colour in the red rebelde*. Crisp movement with blued screws and pink sapphires(??). Case-back markings capture the home-grown nature of the watch. Delicious chocolate leather strap complements the watch superbly.

I've stepped outside my comfort zone with rebelde* as my interest in watches is usually for a Swiss automatic with date function, 36-40mm. Viva the revolution!!

Salutations & compliments to the Watchmaker. Best regards, G.G. QLD

Just a short note to say thank you very much for the beautiful watch that was delivered to me last Friday, I have number 57 of 75 in the second batch, I am not much of a wordsmith but when my three boys aged 24 / 21 and 16 asked me to get one for them also that says it all, once again thank you I haven't taken it off yet and nearly jumped in the shower with the watch on. You may be hearing from me about purchasing another three sometime in the future.

Kind Regards, D.P. WA

Picked up my FedEx parcel this morning (it arrived Thursday, so a fast delivery). Outer box a little bit squashed on one corner, but no issues with inner.

To 'rub salt into the wound', I even used my 'free' Rolex branded swiss army knife (a 'gift' when I purchased my green ceramic dial submariner) to open to parcel.

A quick reset of time and my rebelde is happily ticking in Switzerland. First impressions: -love the simplicity of the dial, I have always coveted the Panerai Radiomir California, but now have no need to add this to my collection. -finally a solid strap. The large stitching compliments colour of the dial numbers -my first thoughts were that the buckle maybe a little 'oversized', I think you mentioned that in one of your emails, but it does match the strap.

Now the problem: What to do with all my other watches? I am not an expert collector or watch aficionado, I just love good quality watches. At one end of the spectrum, I will always keep my Calatrava. Likewise at the other end, my first ever watch, an NZD$8 Alpha, which I paid for via my paper run, will stay. But next time I am back in Australia, I maybe dropping by to see if you are interested in my IWC Big pilot, Breitling Transocean, Rolex Submariner, Omega Co-Axial, Heuer Carrera 1964 re-edition, a couple of modern Tudors and even the Panerai I purchased from you a few years back.

Congratulations on establishing your own brand and taking on the watch world. Any plans to have a NH stand at BaselWorld?

Cheers & thanks for 16/75, I am very happy. T.M. Switzerland

I will email some feedback when I have a moment to compile my thoughts.

I have 3 questions. I don't want to damage the movement, how many times should I turn the crown to wind the mechanism? How long can I expect the watch to run after winding? How do I change the straps over? Will I need a special tool or just use a small/fine screw driver?

I love my Rebelde, good idea putting the strap with the orange trim on, it looks great!!

As mentioned before I will keep my eye out for a possible titanium watch, I have an interest in securing one of those, would it be a new design? Also I have two sons, I would have an interest in securing a watch with the serial number C-12, his name is Caelan, born 20/03/2012. Also a watch serial number M-14, Matthew, born 24/07/2014.

Also the initial chronograph images looks exciting.

Have a great weekend, G.M. WA

I received my much anticipated watch last week. I must say it is everything I hoped it would be . I have been to two meetings and "it was noticed", as you had previously said it would be. It has a great feel and real style. I have another nice watch which is more of a casual outdoors number but this crosses the boundary between. I have ordered another watch for a friend and I believe it will arrive later this year, so I am really looking forward to delivering some style to my friend.

Thank you very much. D.T. VIC

I received my Rebelde I58/75 a couple of weeks ago and I'm very happy with it. I love the overall look and design of the watch and the whole concept behind it in being able to craft a stylish and quality product in Australia at a reasonable price.

The watch has great presents and character on the wrist, chunky, solid, different and stylish (Love the large winding crown). I've had some curious glances and questions about the new watch at meetings and generally around the office, and have had fun recounting the story behind the watch to those that would listen.

To be honest I was initially disappointed when I found I would not be getting one of the first run N models with the fluted bezel and minute markers on the dial as I had my heart set on one. Then I was apprehensive before I received my I58 as I have a small wrist and I thought the watch would be too large, but no it's just perfect. Now I have the problem of being torn between my Tudor Prince Date-Day and Rebelde for every day wear.

Thanks for your perseverance and dedication to your craft in working through all the hurdles that came your way in this fantastic project, and congratulations on crafting these beautiful time pieces that all the lucky Redelde owners I'm sure are proud to wear.

I'm looking forward to the next project. Where can I sign up for the next iteration of Rebelde? Oh, my wife also wants to know when the ladies version is coming?

Maybe one day you might even do a watch based around the Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 movement.

Best regards, K.R. VIC

FYI, I35 arrived this morning and I could not be happier. Previous photos do not do it justice!!

Many many thanks to you (and Nick of course, lol) as I get acquainted with it today. C.H VIC

Wow! Wow, wow, wow!

What a surprise. I have just been presented with my Rebelde by my wife for my birthday.

I have been a subscriber for several years and an active voice in the plight of watchmakers against Swiss companies thanks to your sharing of information. I have told your storey many times, and of your quest to produce your own watch. Amazingly, my wife actually listened to my many rants and paid enough attention to be able to track you down.

You are simply amazing. I have followed the entire Rebelde process with keen interest. From your earlier emails seeking advice on the appropriate CAD package right through the discussions on hand selections. Your selections have been perfect. As mentioned by others many times, the watch looks, feels and wears beautifully. My only criticism is the amount of time I am wasting looking and playing with it!

Thank you for the opportunity of being custodian of one of your beautiful creations. L.D. VIC

I received the watch last week on Wednesday, but kept it UN-opened till the week end. What can I say more than all other Rebelde owners have said?

I have always worn sport watches, and had mixed feelings about this one..... Till I had it in my hands. To put it in one word: it is SUPERB!

The watch kins of grows into you. It has a strange effect on its owners!, it is hard to describe. I doubt whether Nick can keep this magic going with any future model.

My wife does not like watches at all..... But when she noticed it on my wrist, she said it is very tasteful!,

Good luck to Rebelde team, and thank you for this wonderful piece of art!, Give my special thanks to Nick!

Kind regards, S.J. WA

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