We have sold out of the burgundy pens, we only have the black pens available.

In 1981 two brothers, John and Charles, partnered to build their own pen manufacturing plant with the goal of producing the highest quality silver and rhodium-plated writing instruments. They specialized in producing special private label pens. From 1997 to 1999, their company was selected to be the exclusive manufacturer for the Vatican Museum line of pens, producing the Museums stunning and unique designs.

We enlisted the help of these two gentlemen to create a carbon fibre ball-point rebelde pen. It is laser engraved, with our rebelde 5-spoke star on the top, rhodium plated and comes with an original German SCHMIDT P900M refill.

The price is $119 plus $10 for postage.

Just in: three new models!

To help us with processing orders, we've named each pen after our past three assistants. All three pens are the same price ($199 each), and they are all very different.

The first pen is Mark.
This Art-Deco style, solid sterling silver ballpoint pen is ultra-light and sleek. It will really make its 'Mark' for you.

Next up we have Laura.
Laura is a carbon-fibre fountain pen, with a fine, iridium nib. German-made, it also comes with both a cartridge and a refill option. Being the only fountain pen of the three, Laura is the elegant choice that you've been looking for.

Josh is the third pen.
According to Josh: "You want this one. You really do. Of the 3 pens this is easily the most intricate, the pinstripes are not painted or stamped, but rather individually milled in the solid sterling silver. Mark is Art Deco, and Laura is fashionable, but Josh is classic. The design of this pen makes it stand out far beyond the others. Sophisticated and smart. Josh is what you NEED."

The price for these three pens is $199 each plus $10 for postage.

To order, please send your inquiry to order@rebelde.com.au